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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining us tonight for #InspireToWander! It's nice to be back after that little break we had! Are you ready to chat travel photography? I sure am! Where are you tweeting from tonight?


Hello everyone & welcome to tonight's #InspireToWander travel chat! Who's ready to talk Travel Photography? We sure are! Before we begin, where are you tweeting from tonight?

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Welcome to the #InspireToWander travel chat! We talk every Tuesday about travel topics - and this week we're chatting about TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY! Where are you tweeting from?

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#InspireToWander Tweeting from #Philadelphia


replying to @SterlingTravelr @SterlingTravelr @inspiretowander Not now. Not while the chat is on! In an hour you can have a nap 😊 #InspireToWander

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replying to @planreadygo @planreadygo @JustinLaurenXO I love it! I did a lot of research before purchasing it in 2016 and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. I love how light it is. Here’s a recent unedited photo I took on it when I was in Portugal last week. #InspireToWander

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel A2: be patient! Sometimes good shots take time! #inspiretowander #canada

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#inspiretowander A 2) Patience. Sometimes you have to wait to bit, especially for people to get out of the way, to get the shot you want.

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel Joining you from Kingston, Ontario! 🍁 Can't believe I almost missed this! Come join the #inspiretowander chat with @IBBtravel & @JustinLaurenXO! 🥾🚘🛩️ @StromfieldAdvs @markandkylee @LeonandTash1 @Adventuringgal @Abfabtravels @MattsRoadTrip @leisurelambie

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#inspiretowander A 3) Maybe not a whole destination, but certainly experiences. I really wanted a picture of myself on a glacier

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replying to @inspiretowander @inspiretowander A3: went to #Japan just to take photos of these guys! #inspiretowander

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel @JustinLaurenXO Somehow I managed to magically take this pix outside the Vatican. I laughed when I saw it, but there is something raw about it that I actually like #InspireToWander

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replying to @inspiretowander @inspiretowander A1. My good ol' expensive #iphone - #InspireToWander Photo of a #beach in #maui #hawaii https://t.co/HWzh9ZRIak

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel A1: The #camera I use to capture photos as I travel is the #LumixGH3 and the #Lumix GM5 - both are micro four thirds but vast size/weight differences, one is big/heavy & one fits in my pocket even w/a lens equipped! #inspiretowander #traveltribe #lumixfamily #wherelumixgoes #m43

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replying to @JustinLaurenXO @JustinLaurenXO A2. I'm no pro photographer but lighting so we can actually see what you're capturing. It helps when the colors naturally pop. #CookinCabo table for a #cooking class in @Visitloscabos & Issi. #InspireToWander https://t.co/HWzh9ZRIak

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel A3. No, not really. I take a gazillion photos everywhere I go. I have 10,000+ still on my phone I need to #blog about! Pic is @TheCapeHotel in @Visitloscabos #mexico #loscabos https://t.co/HWzh9ZRIak #InspireToWander

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A6: I take photos for the memory, sentiment, and because I see something cool. I take them as a for myself hobby and art form, decor, for my blog, & as proof of a life well-lived. My dad is a photographer, and I guess I've inherited the interest from him. #inspiretowander

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#inspiretowander A 6) I take pictures for my blog, but since I'm a part-time traveler I also take them so I can put them in my cubicle and look at them to remind myself of how great adventure is

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replying to @IBBtravel @IBBtravel Like this, but Pam needs a real camera tho. #InspireToWander