Best in #Travel 2020


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Welcome to this very special Twitter chat on our all new #BestinTravel list for 2020! Check out the list if you haven't already, stay tuned for Best in Travel talk, and gather your best stories and pics to share with the class. 🌍 https://t.co/BLHtNcu4m2 🌍

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A1. I've spent a lot of this year getting to know England much better, especially Cornwall and Devon, and sailing to Lundy was a real highlight. But I think for next year I'm most excited by North Macedonia. I really want to explore the Balkans more. #bestintravel


replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet Loved DC #BestinTravel

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replying to @MYCVSC @MYCVSC @lonelyplanet #ColoniaDelSacramento, #Uruguay! 😍 Beautiful and magical place yo visit with your family #BestinTravel

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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #Uruguay Colonia, declarada Patrimonio Histórico por UNESCO. Paz y tranquilidad. Mucha historia, gastronomía.

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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet have been to La Paz, North-east Argentina, Galway, Dubai & Budapest.
Loved La Paz, such a vibrant and energetic city, Iguassu is just absolutely stunning - the Devil's Throat is just so powerful!, Galway is so quaint & lively, loved crossing Dubai Creek on abras #Bestintravel


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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet I think La Paz, there was little tourist infrastructure when I went which made for a better local experience. To be able to see the culture on the streets every day was a highlight. Even the Witches Market, although a bit put on for tourists, was very interesting! #bestintravel

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A1. I’ve been to Uruguay and it’s somewhere I’d love to explore further. I currently live in England (I’m from Wales) and agree that it’s beautiful - when it’s not raining 🤣😉 Bhutan is a definite must-visit for me #BestinTravel

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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet #bestintravel #Uruguay has 290 miles of beautiful beaches, mostly over the Atlantic Ocean. Crystal green water. You can enjoy its nature and play sports. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Feel free in #Uruguay

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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet Minas de Corrales #Uruguay tranquilidad, buenas recorridas en naturaleza, historia, buena gastronomía, #turismominero #BestinTravel @hotel_artigas @turismominerouy

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replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet getting to see the Foo Fighters & Arctic Monkeys at Lollapalooza in Chile has been a highlight and also, listening to a group of Russian monks performing in a church inside the Kremlin - they were divinely amazing! #bestintravel

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A2. Sustainability is something that’s increasingly important to me, particularly in the face of things like over-tourism which is a big concern. I like to visit places that are a bit off the beaten track, like Samosir Island on Sumatra (for example) #BestinTravel


replying to @lonelyplanet @lonelyplanet The new @antelarena in #Montevideo #Uruguay is an amazing place yo enjoy live music #BestinTravel

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A3. Definitely Cuba! You can find amazing music just on the streets, like these guys in Trinidad. I also got to see Buena Vista Social Club perform in Havana and danced the conga with them which was the experience of a lifetime #BestinTravel