Celebrating Nature


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Welcome to #PTTravel Chat!
How is everyone doing this Sunday? I've had quite a relaxing day

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie Hi from #Florida where the beaches are open and gorgeous this #SundayMorning

Can you spy me 👀 and my quaran-tine?


Hello from #Florida
#PTTravel #travelingsession

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie Good evening #PTTravel folks. I've had a long day after getting up at 4.30 am for sunrise and the dawn chorus #DawnChorusDay

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie I've been working on my journal and photos from #Qatar 2019 trip #PTTravel

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A1 #PTTravel This is our nearest 'conservation area', about half a mile from where I live. I often walk here, to practice with my new camera.

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie @RTWBarefoot I made chicken curry and pulao today. #pttravel

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie Right on our doorstep. I mean it’s a long doorstep, but it’s there, and no one else is. I’ve never loved being outdoors as much as when no one else is there. #PTTravel

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A1. Across the street from the 🏡 is a pond and I’m either watching the cranes eat the fish or I’m droning the heck out of the 🐊 gators.

Both are equally entertaining.

#Florida #Pttravel #Wildlife

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This Cherry blossom is about 10 steps from my front door. Something to enjoy while at home #PTTravel A1

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A1. I'm so fortunate to live in a rural area on the North Sea coast of Scotland, with all of this on my doorstep. It makes it easier to experience nature when it's so obvious #PTTravel

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A1. I’m extremely lucky to have a fairly diverse array of habitats in my local area. I’ve spent the last three weeks savouring each and every one of them. #PTTravel

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A1 Recently We have got our walk which is wheat fields and bluebell woods which has been particularly lovely, am waiting for a relax and then we can vary it :-) #pttravel(it's almost at the stage in the photo but not quite yet!

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie #PTTravel

When the king comes to your neighborhood.

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A1 I've been enjoying mainly suburban walks and gardens! We have some great blossom trees around here too. Full bloom


replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A1 This is next to my home...I just have to cross the road from my garden to be in Lister Park. #PTTravel #Bradford #ListerPark

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replying to @vickyinglis13 @vickyinglis13 @kate_frankie @RTWBarefoot Thank you. We've been craving all kinds of cuisines and since restaurant deliveries are not there currently in my city, been cooking much more. Made dumplings yesterday. 😂 #pttravel


replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A1- There is a park in a our village that I just “found” the first week of lockdown. And I’ve lived here for almost 10 yrs. #PTTravel