Giving Thanks for Travel


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Welcome to #PTTravel Chat!
Where are you joining us from today?
I met some wonderful scholarship students this past week. Great part of my job. Which good/cool things have happened in your week?

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie #pttravel glasgow.

this week i have mostly been wondering at the futility of existence and the worthiness of getting out of bed.

And Parkrun.

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie Good evening from a wet and windy St Andrews. #PTTravel

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Hello from #Florida
#pttravel Giving Thanks For Travel

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie Good afternoon from Stanley, in the Falkland Islands. It's been a day that started with snow showers + is currently basking in sunshine. Saw some penguins this morning! #PTTravel

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A1 #pttravel I’m grateful for the fact I was able to be physically & financially able to do the travel I wanted, especially since I didn’t start until after 30. I’m grateful I’ve been able to see such places as Rome, Vienna, Hong Kong & Turkey all places I didn’t expect to see

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie @NomadKeith @vickyinglis13 @DawnCorleone @JKatzaman @RooLovesTravel @coastalspc @CharlesMcCool @dipyourtoesin @thethoughtcard A1. I’m grateful for my Forces upbringing and international education. Since childhood, travel and multiculturalism have always seemed like the most natural things in the world. #PTTravel

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replying to @NomadKeith @NomadKeith I just had a delicious nut roast before! Sorry to hear your meatloaf was sub standard. I dislike looking forward to a meal and having that disappointment! #PTTravel

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replying to @Travel_Session A1- I'm grateful that I have been able to visit so many different cultures. It opens your perspective to new ways of thinking
#pttravel #TravelingSession

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A2. I taught at an English language institute in Russia back in 2012 and it’s the only time I ever remember explicitly giving thanks. My predecessor’s predecessor had been from South Carolina and the custom had stuck. #PTTravel

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replying to @Travel_Session A2- I've had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving in 3 different countries outside of the US
#pttravel #TravelingSession

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A3 #pttravel Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia & Australia are places I was thankful to see.


Have you visited #Warnemunde in #Germany ? https://t.co/aKR3qvovVr Lots to discover when we wandered through the fishing village. #PTTravel @VisitGermanyUK

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A3 #PTTravel Ha Long Bay. Thanks to Wendy Wu Tours, National Escort Tran Tam and the crew of the 'Emeraude' for an unforgettable experience!

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A3 I am always grateful to explore the #USGulfCoast. 💙💙 These scenes are from @SeeCoastalMS @ParadiseCoast and @VSPC @VISITFLORIDA #travel #funness #pttravel

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replying to @kate_frankie @kate_frankie A3. This place here. Port Lockroy in Antarctica, and these stinky wee friends I made #PTTravel

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A3 SO many! Every continent! I’m so grateful & so many memories I wish I could close my eyes & be there again. Hoping to travel again in 2022 #PTTravel