Join us on Wed 30th May to talk about Festivals in Scotland

Join us for an evening of brilliant and insightful festival chat, shared tips and Scotland travel inspiration!

Share your knowledge or gain some by asking questions of our audience, just remember to include #Scotlandhour and #A1 when answering Q1 etc
Q1. What’s new & worth sharing in festivals in your area? #scotlandhour

Q2. How are Scotland’s young people getting involved in festivals?#scotlandhour #YOYP18

Q3 Festival trips can cost – tips for accommodation or living like a local? #scotlandhour

Q4 Which festivals do you go back to again and again & why? #scotlandhour

Q5 Which festivals offer new food and drink experiences? #scotlandhour

Q6 Share your most memorable festival photos and videos. #scotlandhour