Secret Scotland


Join us on Wed 29th Aug to talk about Secret Scotland - a secret worth sharing!

Scotland is known for many things including tartan, whisky, our mountains and our history and culture. But what about the less well known areas of Scotland including tourist hubs like our cities and the highlands? The dictionary tells us that a secret is something known about by only a small number of people, and is not told or shown to anyone else. Hopefully we will be able to let people in on a few of our country’s secrets during the hour!
Q1. Where do you go to get away from it all, with natural beauty and guaranteed not to be mobbed? #Scotlandhour

Q2. Which secrets or hidden gems in your area do you recommend to your guests? #Scotlandhour

Q3. What secrets hide in plain sight? #Scotlandhour

Q4. Are there special places in your area that are spectacular at a secret/certain time of day or year? #Scotlandhour

Q5. What secret do you wish you had discovered sooner? #Scotlandhour

Q6 Share the images and videos which show Secret Scotland! #Scotlandhour