Craft Beer & Gin


This month’s chat explores the wonderful world of Scotland’s craft beer and gin

Did you know that there are over 100 beer breweries in Scotland and that Scottish gin accounts for 70% of the UK’s overall gin production? Visitors to Scotland as well as residents are keen to experience authentic, local food and drink, and our growing appetite for craft beer and craft gin is helping us to discover more about Scotland’s places, people, and stories behind the brands.

To help us on this journey we are delighted to welcome two expert, award-winning co-hosts: Kintyre Gin and Scotbeer Tours who are joining us for this months’ chat. Follow them: @kintyregin @ScotBeerTours

Kintyre Gin is run by Emma and Niall Macallister-Hall and their growing team at Beinn an Tuirc Distillery, which occupies a former piggery building located on Torrisdale Castle Estate in Kintyre. All the water used to make the gin comes from a Victorian spring situated high above the distillery. They embrace wet weather at Beinn an Tuirc distillery and the 99kw hydro-electric scheme powers their copper still, giving Kintyre Gin unique eco credentials. The turbine house is located just a few yards away from the distillery and the source of the burn can be found high up on Beinn an Tuirc itself. Part of the long term ethos of the distillery is to plough a percentage of any profits into the local community and local business start-ups. One of the first groups to benefit was the newly formed Beinn an Tuirc Kintyre Pipe Band who are sponsored by the distillery. The Beinn an Tuirc team have engaging and honest conversations with their many fans on social media and gin lovers can now visit and tour the distillery (perhaps with Boss Hogg – aka Niall!)

Scotbeer Tours‘ key mission is to share the story of Scotland through beer, and since launching in 2016, it has just done that. Owner Sara Robertson and her team have developed innovative tours which allow craft beer lovers to get off the beaten track, and discover areas of Edinburgh and Glasgow through stories, historic walking tours, and an appreciation of local breweries, beers and ales. The company also caters for private tours and groups. The team also get out and about to educate and showcase the best of brewing at a range of events. Scotbeer is active on social media and their blog is a great place to learn more about Scottish brewers, with a spotlight on the growing number of young women brewers who are passionate about their craft. Sara Robertson was named one of the Top 100 Women in Tourism earlier this year.

Scotlandhour Wednesday 28 November 2018, 9-10pm
Q1 Do you prefer food & drink experiences highly polished or warts-&-all & which tours/tastings would you recommend? #scotlandhour

Q2 What part does authenticity play in craft beer & gin choice? #scotlandhour

Q3 Pubs are a big part of Scotland. Which would you recommend & why? #scotlandhour

Q4 How heavily does local food & drink influence your holiday/trip choice? #scotlandhour

Q5 Many gins & more & more craft beers are using wild ingredients. How important is this in communicating Scotland? #scotlandhour

Q6 Share your memorable photos/videos of Scotland’s craft beer & gin experiences.