Sounds of Travel


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Good morning #TRLT from Metro Vancouver, Canada. Where are you joining from today?

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Good morning #TRLT joining in from SF Bay Area

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Happy #TravelTuesday!
Join us to chat 'Sounds of Travel"
today on #TRLT Starts now

(Calling this sound a beautiful "Ouch" LOL)

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 Gorgeous! Hi #trlt from #Florida!

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @pip_says Good day, from wet Houston today #trlt at the dentist

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A1: I always love the sound of a muezzin to remind me when I’m back in the Middle East @JR_justJR #TRLT #travel #TravelTuesday

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @pip_says G'day Shane. It's a lovely sunny day here in Metro Vancouver, Canada.

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A1: The sound of a plane - whether flying overhead, taking off, or landing - always reminds me of travel. #TRLT

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A1 There's something about the whistle of a train and the conductor coming through checking your tickets that I love. This is a shot from @GSMR in Bryson City, NC via @JR_justJR #TRLT #traveltuesday #northcarolina #adventure

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replying to @RTWBarefoot @RTWBarefoot A1 #TRLT The quote is from Steinbeck.

But for me nothing beats the sound of:

"There is no parking in a red zone. The white zone is for loading and unloading of passengers only" LOL

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A1: The sound of the propellers on small aircraft always makes me feel I’m heading out on an adventure. Generally, the smaller the aircraft the bigger the adventure.

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#TRLT via @JR_justJR

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @pip_says Hello #TRLT I'm Heidi in So #Florida - To keep cool I enjoy a nice kayak ride. #lovefl

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I don't think there is a lovelier sound than the deep rumble of an elephant #Serengeti #TanzaniaParks #trlt A1

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A1: We love the the sounds - and smells and sights - of a fresh market anywhere in the world. This is a photo of the Mercat de la Boqueria in Barcelona. #TRLT, #travelblogger

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A:1 Any engine sound gets my travel juices going #TRLT

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No doubt in my mind the sound of an airplane, and when I see it in the air I want to fly. Luckily not seen many in the air lately #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JR_justJR A1: nothing like the roar of a jet engine on take off #WhereisKerwin #TRLT landing or flying #AvGeek

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A1: A sound that gets our travel juices flowing, is our motorcycle at the start of a #roadtrip.
Q: via @JR_justJR

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @JR_justJR A1 the sound of ocean waves gets my, as you say, juices flowing. 😂😂😂 #trlt

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JR_justJR A1: For me its the revving of my motorcycle :-) #TRLT