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Aloha from #Maui #Hawaii & welcome to 'Extreme Weather' on #TRLT - We've had some of that over the last weeks, including snow on Haleakala. I couldn't get a good pix bc the road closed, but this is a typical summit shot. #traveltuesday #adventure

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Good morning from Metro Vancouver, B.C. Canada.
Where are you joining today's #TRLT chat on 'Wonderful Weather' from?

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says @HeidiSiefkas I'm in the #Chilterns just north-west of London, England, on a summer afternoon in early spring #TRLT

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Good morning, travel buddies, from San Diego, CA #TRLT Niki St. Phalle sculpture on the waterfront. @visitsandiego

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At home today on the first day of the year that I could go out without a jacket This tree was absolutely buzzing - closer inspection showed a swarm #TRLT

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 Greetings #TRLT from Southern Nevada where the weather is expected to get into 90s (°F) by the end of the week.


#trlt aaagh i was busy writing a blog post about hiking and forgot the time.

Greets from a sunny Sheffield, where I went for a run earlier.

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A1: Dunhuang, China. We visited the singing sands, but couldn't go inside the Mogao Caves (aka Caves of the 1,000 Buddhas) because of a sandstorm which came seemingly from nowhere from out of a blue sky. But the food was good. @afewmilesmore #TRLT

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Hello from #Florida
#TRLT Weather of the World

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A1: When I went to Abu Dhabi in the summer of 2015. It was 50c. I remember taking a local bus with no air-con. Let me tell you, ever since then, I find countries less warm because of that experience. Maybe a muscle memory thing #TRLT

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says @HeidiSiefkas I'm in South Eastern Europe, Bulgaria. It's early spring in the mountains and full spring in the valleys #TRLT

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A1: Sunny skies one minute, torrential rain the next! Editor Laura was surprised at how quickly the weather conditions could change on her trip across Cambodia. Downpours like this were very common! #TRLT

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Was driving to see the beehive tombs of #Oman when I got caught in a storm - quite unlike anything I'd ever encountered #TRLT A1

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A1 #TRLT When I was in the Balkans, I was chased by thunderstorms for 3 days. The worst ones were in Ljubljana, Slovenia when I was trying to visit the castle. Heard the first rumble coming off the elevator. I saw a bolt or two come down as I took these. They got worse in PM.

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @afewmilesmore A1 : Uluru, the Red Center, December 2014.
Around 42 / 44 celsius degrees. #TRLT

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A1: How about a six-day hike in sub-zero temperatures? Following the frozen Zanskar River, the Chadar Winter Trek is the only way to see the Zanskar Valley when covered with a blanket of snow and ice. So, who’s up for the challenge? https://t.co/dv99K4AfSI #TRLT

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replying to @Travel_Session A1- I've actually been through quite a few hurricanes & typhoons around the world. This was right before Hurricane Sally hit #Florida
#TRLT #travelingsession

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 @afewmilesmore A1: Living and growing up in N.D. is my most extreme. Blizzards and 50 below!

#TRLT #NorthDakota