Historical Places


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Good morning from Metro Vancouver B.C. Canada 🍁
Where are you joining today's #TRLT chat on 'Historical Places' from?
Photo: Victoria B.C. Canada's Hatley Castle.

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says @HeidiSiefkas Greetings #TRLT from Southern Nevada where we're enjoying some rather pleasant weather today.

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 Good morning #TRLT from the #PNW ☀️🌲💦

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says Aloha #trlt from the Valley Isle of #maui #hawaii - Here’s a sunset view from earlier this week. #traveltuesday #hawaiilife #sunsets

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#trlt A1: "Everywhere is Interesting" and by definition everywhere has a history. It's hard not to, so you might as well embrace it.

Pic: ruins of Great Zimbabwe, a series of stone foundations in a grassy field under a summer sky.

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A1: When in a historical place, I try to imagine what it would have been like when the history it is famed for was occurring. What did the people wear, what did they talk about, how did they live? This image from St Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad - Russia #TRLT

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 Good afternoon Linda! Hello from #Florida!


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#TRLT A1: History fascinates me. Sometimes it's lesser-known or more obscure parts of history that appeal. And sometimes it feels important to me to stand in those places where history happened.

Eg seeing where the Cragg Vale Coiners (1760s coin forgers) lived & fought.

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @travelhistory1 A1. I like being transported back into that era, to walk the footsteps of those that went before us (and to read the history behind it). #TRLT

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A1: Of course, I do. I learn the majority of my history through traveling & visiting places. It helps me absorb it all better via @travelhistory1 #TRLT #traveltuesday

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A1: Because I get to discover new ancient historical sites like this mdina, in Rabat…Malta. Rabat is the old Capital city in Malta. Now taken over by Valetta. #TRLT

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Hello from #Florida
#TRLT Historic Places

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @travelhistory1 A1: Historical places tend to transport you back in time and induce you to explore the past #History #TRLT The visit to the Kronborg Castle in Denmark was one such experience https://t.co/27LDZJIfz8

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @travelhistory1 A1: Some places give me almost mythical vibes and I can't help but think what kinds of people walked along the same paths 1000 years ago, what kind of life they had. Jerusalem, Israel was 100% one of those places for me. #TRLT

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A1: Sometimes the best thing about #HistoricalPlaces is their stories. @cawdorcastle in #Scotland is a great example - the room notes are brilliant. See the captions about an unlikely family medal, and a donkey's key role in the Castle's history. @travelhistory1 #TRLT

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A1: Historic places allow us to connect to our shared past, to understand our place in the universe, and better realize our shared humanity. Through history, I see what unites us more than what divides us. #TRLT https://t.co/1R2V1NSyPO

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @travelhistory1 A1. Old things attract me. Could be a museum, a ruin, even old hotels. I fell deeply for York, UK.

St Mary's Abbey

#TRLT #VisitYork