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Good morning from a murky Metro Vancouver, B.C. this morning, where there's potential for adventure, rain or shine!

Where are you joining today's #TRLT chat on Walks and Hikes from?

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says @HeidiSiefkas Greetings #TRLT from Southern Nevada where the weather has been pleasant lately.

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replying to @LindaPeters64 @LindaPeters64 Also joining #TRLT from the rainy #pnw where the autumn colors are already everywhere!

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replying to @JLipowski @JLipowski @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says Aloha all on #trlt - Iโ€™m based in #maui #hawaii - Hereโ€™s my fav recent photo of sunset from Lahaina, the ancient capitol of the Kingdom of Hawaii #traveltuesday #adventure

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Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ from Guernsey! #TRLT

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replying to @ramblRramblR @ramblRramblR Nature's palette delights in the PNW, Rachel ๐Ÿ‚
Welcome to today's #TRLT

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A1: When walking or hiking, I love the ability to travel at my own pace - to linger in a place I enjoy more, or to take a detour if it seems interesting - such as Gyeongju in South Korea. #TRLT

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replying to @HeidiSiefkas @HeidiSiefkas @TravelAtWill A1: Ability to stop at any moment and enjoy the view, or take a break. #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @TravelAtWill A1. Seeing things at a slower speed to enjoy and just to stop if want to take it in. #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 @Touchse @pip_says @HeidiSiefkas Good evening from London. #TRLT

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A1 We love to hike for waterfalls. So many options in Northern Ontario! Especially when the fall colours are riotting. https://t.co/TAKYMvktBE #TRLT @LindaPeters64 @heidiSiefkas @LakeSuperiorPP @OntarioParks

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A1 #TRLT I like to see a place at street level which means using their transit and/or walking. Plus itโ€™s just great exercise. Visiting Hong Kong I did a lot of walking & the pants were fitting looser when I came home.

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @TravelAtWill A1. Connecting with nature. The peacefulness. #TRLT

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A1: the thing I love most about walking is the view. Doesn't matter if you're half way up or looking backwards - there's always something to see! Video taken in NZ ๐Ÿฅฐ #TRLT

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Hello all, how are you doing? Where are you chatting from? I'm currently in Spain, enjoying the life to the fullest, waking up every single morning to go for a morning walk on the beach (along w/ stretching & exercises) upon #sunrise โ˜€๏ธ๐Ÿ’›

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#trlt A1: also, you know ... it's better than staying at home lol.

I like exploring places, and I get bored easily if I stay in one place all the time. I've always been a walker, I guess. It gives me something to do?

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A1: Seeing new places at a slow pace or even familiar places with new eyes via @travelatwill #TRLT #traveltuesday #adventure