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#ExpediaChat 2020-03-04: Colors of #Travel

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Q2: What was the first online trip you ever booked? What does it mean for you to have travel opportunities at the click of a mouse? #ExpediaChat


replying to @Expedia @Expedia A2. My first booking was flights and an AI resort in Mexico. It was so easy and the best part was that I saved a lot of money! #ExpediaChat and #sweepstakes

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Q3: Set the scene: Under the sun’s golden light, what’s one outdoor culinary moment you will never forget. Describe sights, smells + tastes in living color. #ExpediaChat

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replying to @Expedia @Expedia A3. My favorite culinary memory is sitting outdoors in Rome Italy at our favorite restaurant with a fresh brick oven pizza and a glass of Frascati wine. Every aspect of that experience was wonderful! #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

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replying to @TraceyMoore01 @TraceyMoore01 @Expedia Wow. This sounds like a dream #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes


replying to @TraceyMoore01 @TraceyMoore01 @Expedia Sounds fantastic !! #sweepstakes #ExpediaChat


replying to @TraceyMoore01 @TraceyMoore01 @Expedia How amazing! #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes


replying to @TraceyMoore01 @TraceyMoore01 @Expedia My favorite was trying Rattle Snake at a festival. It was crispy and tasted like Fried Chicken #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

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Q4: From fields of yellow tulips in Holland to sand dunes in the Sahara, what are some incredible shades of yellow you’ve seen while traveling? Pics, please. #ExpediaChat


replying to @Expedia @Expedia A4. I took a foraging class in Kentucky and loved the way the mushrooms looked beneath those smooth caps. #ExpediaChat #Sweepstakes

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Q5: What’s the most surprising trip you’ve ever taken? Did it take you somewhere you never thought you’d go? What did you learn from it? #ExpediaChat


replying to @Expedia @Expedia A5. I took a trip to Philadelphia over the 4th of July and fell in love again with history. The next day I journeyed to find where my ancestors lived realizing they were there when our country was established. #ExpediaChat #sweepstakes

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Q6: Have you experienced an inspirational travel moment that has brought you tears of joy? When did it happen? Where were you? #ExpediaChat


replying to @Expedia @Expedia @TripStyler A6. Absolutely - last year on Safari to Tanzania when the lions were so close our eyes met. They were not tears of fear, but of pure awe and joy to have had that experience. #expediachat #sweepstakes