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#PTTravel 2020-12-27: Looking back on 2020 & forward to 2021

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#PTTravel I had a trip to Serbia cancelled but that was actually the only concrete plan I had for the year before everything went downhill! I did luckily manage to go off on my year abroad to France though! 🙌

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replying to @orcadianabroad @orcadianabroad @kate_frankie Today is cheese day. Yesterday was leftovers day. Tomorrow might be all the dessert day. But no-one knows what day is bins. #PTTravel


replying to @vickyinglis13 @vickyinglis13 @orcadianabroad @kate_frankie Love this! 😂 #PTTravel

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I loved the fact that I got to live abroad for the first time! It might not have been everything I dreamed of due to a second lockdown and coronavirus restrictions but it was so awesome to be able to live in France for 3 months as part of my head abroad! #PTTravel


replying to @adventuresandem @adventuresandem Was it under Erasmus? Such a great opportunity #PTTravel