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#TRLT 2021-09-28: Walking & Hiking

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A1: The best thing about hiking is its accessibility and the feeling of being at one with nature. Hiking with friends makes the experience more fun and unforgettable. Also, at the end of the journey, you feel great satisfaction that you were able to accomplish this. #TRLT #hiking

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replying to @ekomatkaajat @ekomatkaajat This looks magnificent. Where is it? #trlt


replying to @ekomatkaajat @ekomatkaajat Whereabouts in Finland? #trlt


replying to @ekomatkaajat @ekomatkaajat @TheTravelCamel Yes, of course. I agree with you. It is widely available in Europe. I just wanted to know how Shane’s situation is :-) #trlt


replying to @ekomatkaajat @ekomatkaajat Never mind, it is pretty #trlt