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#TRLT 2022-05-17: Rivers, Waterfalls & Lakes

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A1 #TRLT One of the things i like most about waterfalls, lakes, rivers, is the sense of borderlands, and connections. This is a sea loch edge in the east of Ireland


A2 #TRLT Out of the way waterfalls: The best and highest waterfalls in Florida are in the panhandle near Chipley at Falling Waters State Park. No photo to share but here's a link to the park's page

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A3 #TRLT Favourite activities on lakes/rivers; Walking along edges, really, seeing what's going on, work on the waters, and thinking about what has happened there.

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replying to @kerrydexter @kerrydexter It's really nice to take time walking along rivers and lakes. #TRLT


replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel That pic is from a river in the midst of a city, which makes a peaceful walk -- though it has a lot of not always peaceful history. It's the Clanrye in Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland #TRLT


A4 #TRLT anything significant, mythical or sacred about a river, waterfall or lake you've visited? Every river, waterfall or lake in Ireland and Scotland has its own story to tell across the centuries.


RT @SeatownNative: @TheTravelCamel @Breathedreamgo A4: The waters around Angkor Thom in #cambodia are considered mythical and sacred. Th…