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#TRLT 2022-11-29: Memorable Museums

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Q1: What type of museum do you like visiting when you travel - general, natural science, history, science/technology, or art? Show us a photo! #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel Q1. All of the above. Altho I tend to veer towards art, history and natural science. #TRLT


replying to @sl2016_sl @sl2016_sl History is my number one, followed by art. #TRLT

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AGAIN Q2: What's the most unique museum you've visited on The Road Less Travelled? Inspire us with a photo! via @postcardsplaces #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @postcardsplaces A2. The tsunami memorial museum in Khao Lak. The twin was devastated in the 2004 tsunami, definitely the most unique and most moving museums I’ve been to. #TRLT


replying to @sl2016_sl @TheTravelCamel @postcardsplaces *town* not twin. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #TRLT

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Q3: Please share a photo of a small or local museum that you would recommend to others. via @RTWBarefoot #TRLT

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replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot A3. The guildhall museum in Rochester. It is fabulous and also has a whole section dedicated to Dickens as he used to live here & based a few of his books around the area. #TRLT

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replying to @sl2016_sl @sl2016_sl @TheTravelCamel @RTWBarefoot A3: Not really a museum...? The Fort Ross Historic site in Northern California was simply amazing. Russians hiring California. #TRLT A detail.

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Q5: What tips can you share for getting the most out of museum experiences? via @postcardsplaces #TRLT


replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @postcardsplaces A5. Don’t rush, take your time and grab an audio guide if available. They really are handy 😊
Whenever I go with my nieces, I always ask if they have activity packs available, it keeps them so engaged & never do they say that they’re bored. #TRLT

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That's all for #TRLT this week. Please thank your hosts @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 and a special thanks to you in the #TRLT community for making this chat special! See you next week as we chat 'Ice & Snow'!


replying to @TheTravelCamel @TheTravelCamel @JLipowski @RTWBarefoot @LindaPeters64 Thank you all for a lovely chat! Have a good week, all. 😊 #TRLT